Dębowe Blaty

MBS Wood furniture factory manufactures solid oak and ash tops for dining tables. We offer a great choice of different sizes of countertops and tables for kitchens, restaurants, industrial furniture.

Our factory is located in Ukraine. The wood which we use for our tables production is tested in laboratories. We have all the necessary documents for raw materials which we use for production of countertops for tables. We process wood on the modern equipment. We guarantee the high quality of our products.
All our countertops have universal legs fittings. The fixing systems are completed with the table, so a customer can assemble the table on his own.

Stoły Hurtowych

We export dining tables, tabletops from solid wood, legs for tables to Europe. We are ready cooperate with large stores in Europe. For wholesale buyers we have a special offer and low prices for dining tables.
We can manufacture 60 dining tables per week.
The finished products are packed in special cardboard boxes with a label and special mark.

Jak zamówić stoły?

To order a solid wood table (oak, ash, pine), please, send us an application (see Our Contacts) by e-mail. We will process your application and send you our factory products catalog with prices for wholesale buyers. We can consider your request for production of non-standard dining tables and benches to them.

If you have any other questions and want to see more photos of our factory products, please, send us a request by e-mail or WhatsApp +380970470010 / +380636000159.

Dining Tables Tabletops

You can order oak tabletops (glued board) or integral board of 2-3 wooden levels. Tabletops sizes: 200*100 cm, 220*100 cm, 240*100 cm, 260*100 cm, 280*100 cm, 300*100 cm.

Tabletops width: 3 cm (integral width), 6 cm, (3 centimeters tabletop width + 3 centimeters frame in the tabletop lower part). 4 centimeters – integral tabletops. Upon your request we can also produce tabletops with smaller width – 2 centimeters.
We cover dining table tabletops with special oil (oil + wax). You can choose any color among the samples we will provide for you. The most popular colors for wood covering are transparent, gray, white, brown.

Coffee Table Tabletops

Coffee table tabletops are of smaller size than dining tables. They are made also of natural oak. You can order coffee table tabletops in the size of 130*90 cm, or any other size upon your request.

The width of coffee tables tabletops can be 2 centimeters or 3 centimeters. Please, contact our manager to discuss all possible options of coffee tables tabletops. We are going to begin the manufacture of coffee tables tabletops covered with epoxy resin.

Please, contact our manager to receive the information about the exact date of production start or send us the e-mail request.

Podstawowe informacje

Przechowujemy wszystkie gotowe produkty na fabrycznym magazynie. Nasze wózki warunki przechowywania kwalifikują się do przechowywania drewna (temperatura i wilgotność powietrza).

Do wysyłki pakujemy każdy blat w kartonowe opakowanie. Na opakowaniu znajduje się specjalna etykieta (gry planszowe zdjęcie, rozmiar i kolor). Na państwa życzenie mogą być podane inne specyfikacje.

Produkty przewożone samochodem ciężarowym transportem samochodowym. Ładujemy gotowe produkty do ciężarówki. Wystawiamy wszystkie dokumenty niezbędne do przejścia urzędu celnego. Dostawa produktów w obcym Europy odbywa się transportem ciężarowym. Koszt wysyłki do twojego miasta, można dowiedzieć się z naszego menedżera.

Średni czas dostawy naszych towarów do Europy: 3-5 dni.